Project Ara: Google’s New Modular Smartphone

Imagine buying one smartphone and then never buying another ever¬†again. Google intends to make that a reality with its modular smartphone, Ara. They’ve targeted a January 2015 release date.¬†When it happens, Ara will revolutionize everything from the manufacturing of smartphones to their buying and selling. Users can switch out the parts they want, speeding up the development of new functions and leading to a whole new ecosystem for the smartphone. Let’s see what Apple does to counter this.

Star Wars Figures Search For New Exploits In These Photos

Star Wars boldly goes where no man has gone before in these photos by Zahir Batin. The Malaysian photographer sets Star Wars figures far beyond the galaxy in humorous and dramatic new environments. He achieves this with super-close shots and unique poses by the action figures. It’s magnificent what he does and each shot captures a unique moment.

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2015 Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Ford Mustang’s introduction to the world. The iconic car rolled out in 1964. Now, Ford will commemorate the occasion by building 1,964 units of the 2015 Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition. Buyers get two colors: Wimbledon White or Kona blue, and a choice of six-speed manual transmission or six-speed automatic.

The chrome highlights and louvered rear quarter windows come only in this edition. Other offerings include cashmere and leather on the steering wheel, front bucket seats and other console areas. The limited edition has a 5.0-liter V8 producing 420 hp. This thing looks good and they’ll come out first half of next year, so save a spot in line starting. Right. NOW.

10 Seconds To Cold Beer With The Beer Glass Froster

Beer always tastes better from a nice, frosted mug. Sometimes though, a frosted mug isn’t around. That’ll never happen with this Beer Glass Froster ($400). It chills beer glasses in 10 seconds. A blast of cold air from a connected CO2 tank does the job. Why stop at beer glasses though? Chill those little bouncy balls sold in gumball machines and throw them at friends. Or cool down on a hot, summer day by sticking your head under the spout.

Use the Force..and Butter With the Darth Vader Toaster

Darth Vader was intimidating, but if he had toast popping out of his head, we’d have a different perspective. Here comes an officially licensed Darth Vader Toaster ($45). The Sith Lord’s helmet gives you two slices of toast with the image of Darth Vader on one side, and the Star Wars logo on the other. Expect your carb consumption to increase dramatically, since eating toast will now be twice as fun. Maybe even three times.

Drink Wine From A Paint Bucket

Oh, look at Mr. Fancy Pants pouring his wine from a ‘bottle’. How civilized. Get durrty by dispensing it from a paint bucket instead. Design agency McCann Vilnius created these limited-edition packages for beaujolais nouveau wines. Since beaujolais nouveau wines turn your lips and teeth purple, McCann Vilnius figured a paint bucket would be a funny spin on it. The packaging comes with paint labels, instructions and tells how much to drink to get your teeth a certain shade of purple.

Johammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em. The New Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle

You’ve always dreamnt of saving the environment while riding a tape dispenser. Good news, your dream just came true. The Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle ($32,000 – $35,000) comes with a bunch of cool features and mixes it up with a unique body. The rear wheel houses all the electric gears and controls. Center gauges get replaced with information displayed in the side mirrors. It also produces a whopping 14-hp, so don’t expect to blow anyone off the road with speed. What it lacks in speed, it makes up for in style.

Find A Booty Call Or A Nice Date. This App Does Both

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. That’s how the old candy commercial went. And that describes the new app, HeavenlySinful. This new dating app helps you either find a booty call or a nice date. Open the app and tell it what you want. It then plots your mood on a map with other users. As matches come in, you swipe up for ‘Heavenly’ and down for ‘Sinful’. Basically, it mixes Down with Tindr and helps cut to the chase. It also sounds like an awesome place to get spammed.