PowerUp 3.0: The Smartest Paper Airplane We Know

Paper airplane crashes are funny, but they also can hurt–on the inside. When you see your aircraft nosedive into the carpet, it’s a harsh reminder that you mastered neither real physics nor the fun goof-off kind of physics in college. But the PowerUp 3.0 ($40) aims to make any chump a champ as it’s the world’s first smartphone-controlled paper airplane. All you have to do is fold a piece of paper into a plane, attach the PowerUp 3.0 (there’s a propeller/rudder in the back and the Bluetooth tech and rechargeable battery are in the front), and let ‘er rip. It’s built tough and said to be crash-proof, so even when — at its max speed of 10 mph — it hits the pavement, you’ll feel good about giving it the old college try again.

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