Grill Cube

You’ve been trapping neighborhood kids in your cellar, but how are you going to cook them? Grilling is the best way to sear their youth juices, but the wrong lighter fluid will make the child meat taste like gas. And there’s no way a gas grill could hold in the kid flavor. Nothing beats the old charcoal/chimney for achieving that savory, smoky street urchin taste. However, the charcoal/chimney combo always takes far too long, and it’s only a matter of time before someone notices your adolescent rotisserie. With the Grill Cube we’ve reached a compromise: season Jimmy and Susan (sea salt really accentuates the tenderness), light the Grill Cube cardboard, and in a brisk ten minutes you’re ready to barbecue. Remember: grill ten minutes on both sides, and serve with a room temperature Chianti.

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