Gold Champagne Marshmallows

“There’s gold in dem hills!” That set off a stampede of miners to break their backs and sift for those precious nuggets. And now…we eat them. How times have changed. “There’s gold in dem..marshmallows?” Oh how puzzled those miners would be.

Wondermade, makers of gourmet marshmallows such as fancy bourbon marshmallows, now bring you Gold Champagne Marshmallows ($24). They take champagne-flavored marshmallows and then dip them into 24 karat gold. Wow, that’s pretty tasty and decadent. Decadently tasty if you will. Perhaps we should trade gold reserves for marshmallow reserves. The world would be a much better place.

The Barbecue Bible: Not Just Recipes, But Every Barbecue Tool In One Book

Imagine cooking a barbecue and having every single tool all-in-one place. No, not just in a drawer. But having the coal, knives, firestarters, etc. contained in one book. That is the Barbecue Bible. One page will break apart into coals, while the next helps the cook start the fire. Yet another page sharpens knives and one page IS the knife. Better yet, every tool the chef needs is laid out page by page in the order they need to use it. Right now, only a few copies have been mailed to top chefs in Brazil. Soon, they’ll be made to a wider audience.

Subscription Meat Service Brings Boxes Of Meat To Your Doorstep

Come home to the missus, the dog and a large box of beef on the doorstep. AgLocal started off as a cooperation between farmers and Michelin chefs to meet and get a better understanding of the meats the chefs were using. Now, they want the consumer market. Meat on everyone’s doorstep! For $85-100 (about 4-5 pounds or 8-10 pounds), buyers get a box of meat from 4 different categories: “Family Style” for the home, “Grill Master” for bbqing, “Fit and Lean” for those wanting grass-fed and lean cuts of meat and “Farmer’s Pick” for offals and unusual cuts.

Each box also contains recipes and details on how the animals were raised. While it’s an iffy prospect having meat hanging out on someone’s front porch all afternoon, it could be great for those foodies out there.

Craft Beer Spice Rub

Give meat a unique kick with the Craft Beer Spice Rub ($7) by Baker’s Bark. It’s a combination of various spices including paprika and chile, but the main ingredient anyone cares about is the beer. It’ll not only give meats a spicy flavor, but a malty one as well. Beer and meat combined into one. Also known as guy heaven.

Beer Lollipops: The Perfect Mid-Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

Remember bringing a flask to work and hiding in the bathroom to down it? Oh what, that’s just me? Whatever. Now you can leave the flask at home and bring these Beer & Wine Lollipops instead. Lollyphile gives you 6 flavors to choose from: Cabernet Sauvignon, IPA, Lager, Merlot, Chardonnay and Stout Beers. Stash a handful in your desk drawer and pull one out whenever that cubicle mate next to you starts chit-chatting too much.

Bacon-Flavored Ritz Crackers

The bacon train never stops. Ritz just released Bacon-Flavored Ritz Crackers. There are those bacon products you can’t eat, but this actually sounds good. Cheese, crackers and bacon. Seems like a logical partnership. With these, you’ll get all your dietary needs: protein from the bacon, dairy from the cheese and carbs from the crackers. It’s a win-win-win for your belly.

Taco Bell Bottled Hot Sauces

Open your refrigerator. If you see millions of tiny Taco Bell hot sauce packets, you’ll want to replace them with these Taco Bell Bottled Hot Sauces. Verde Salsa, Fire Sauce, Mild Sauce and Hot Sauce, the gang’s all here. Why put them on just tacos? Now they can complement anything: hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta or drink it straight from the bottle as a party trick.

Savor The Flavor Of St. Patrick’s Day With Guinness Marshmallows

St. Patrick’s Day arrives this coming Monday and that means mass consumption of beer. But what if you drink the whole weekend and can’t stomach another day of drinking on Monday? Drink again! It’s St. Paddy’s Day for St. Pete’s sake. Ok, but I really can’t drink that day. Alright, alright, Then sneak a smidgen of St. Paddy’s Day alcoholic revelry in with these Guinness Marshmallows ($8).

Gourmet marshmallows infused with the flavor of Guinness beer. They come sixteen to a pack and there’s none of that low-grade corn syrup in here. It’s all cane sugar baby. They may not make you drunk, but they’ll give you a taste of St. Paddy’s Day debauchery.