Bacon-Flavored Ritz Crackers

The bacon train never stops. Ritz just released Bacon-Flavored Ritz Crackers. There are those bacon products you can’t eat, but this actually sounds good. Cheese, crackers and bacon. Seems like a logical partnership. With these, you’ll get all your dietary needs: protein from the bacon, dairy from the cheese and carbs from the crackers. It’s a win-win-win for your belly.

Taco Bell Bottled Hot Sauces

Open your refrigerator. If you see millions of tiny Taco Bell hot sauce packets, you’ll want to replace them with these Taco Bell Bottled Hot Sauces. Verde Salsa, Fire Sauce, Mild Sauce and Hot Sauce, the gang’s all here. Why put them on just tacos? Now they can complement anything: hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta or drink it straight from the bottle as a party trick.

Savor The Flavor Of St. Patrick’s Day With Guinness Marshmallows

St. Patrick’s Day arrives this coming Monday and that means mass consumption of beer. But what if you drink the whole weekend and can’t stomach another day of drinking on Monday? Drink again! It’s St. Paddy’s Day for St. Pete’s sake. Ok, but I really can’t drink that day. Alright, alright, Then sneak a smidgen of St. Paddy’s Day alcoholic revelry in with these Guinness Marshmallows ($8).

Gourmet marshmallows infused with the flavor of Guinness beer. They come sixteen to a pack and there’s none of that low-grade corn syrup in here. It’s all cane sugar baby. They may not make you drunk, but they’ll give you a taste of St. Paddy’s Day debauchery.

Ketchup + Sriracha = Srirachup

Seriously, no one thought of this earlier. The popular, traditional taste of ketchup combined with the exciting, spicy flavor of sriracha. It took the makers of the recent, whiskey barrel-aged sriracha sauce to finally bring this to the public. Slather Srirachup ($30 for a 4 pack) on hot dog and hamburgers and skip the mustard. Or be like us and just eat it with a spoon.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots

Cronuts. A new, hip, trendy pastry sweeping the country. Strange, since it’s supposedly an abbreviation for Cro-Magnon Nuts. To each their own. If you weren’t able to get your hands on cronuts, the inventor has another food that might make you wait an hour in line to eat. This week, Dominique Ansel rolls out Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots at the SXSW festival in Austin.

It came about weeks ago when the French citizen ate his first-ever Oreo dunked into milk. After exclaiming “mon dieu!”, the pastry wizard concocted this delectable treat. It should save consumers a grand total of one second from the act of dunking their cookie into milk. That one second can now be spent on chewing, daydreaming and not running.

Whiskey Barrel-Aged Sriracha Sauce

Sriracha sauce goes upscale with a twist. Sosu Sauces brings their Barrel-Aged Sriracha Sauce ($25) to the masses. It’s aged 1-3 months in oak barrels. The extra aging process infuses the sriracha blend with more intense, sweet and more robust flavors. All natural with no preservatives. Only chili peppers, brown sugar, garlic, and salt. That’s it. Your taste buds will thank you.

Jelly Belly Introduces New Beer Flavor. The Other New Flavor Isn’t Bad Either

Jelly Belly just added a Hefeweizen-inspired ale flavor to their lineup. The new flavor took three years to develop. One particular challenge was developing a flavor that would eliminate the bitterness of beer.

They also made a chocolate-covered Tabasco flavor. This sounds like a good contrast between sweet and spicy. Hopefully, they’ll produce a sriracha flavor one day.

You’ll Want Some Drunkin Donuts For The Next Office Party

Who likes a good buzz in the morning? Everyone. That’s who. The coffee-addicted need to put down their fancy schmancy venti, non-fat chai lattes and do away with the coffee breath for a day. 

Instead, piehole meet mai tai donut. The Drunkin Donut out of New York will ship booze-filled baked goods to everyone’s doorstep. Get drunk off their selection of 18 donuts, two truffles, five cupcakes and four cannoli offerings. They’ll even make custom orders like White Russian cupcakes.

Get drunk AND satisfy that sweet tooth. This is what’s called, ‘progress’.