Only 1 more round left in the hockey season, but hockey will live on forever with the PuckOpener ($12). Throw away those dinky bottle openers and go for a regulation NHL puck that holds a bottle opener inside. We know, you like opening beers using your lighters or banging them on the sides of tables. Whatever, just get this. Open your beer, then drop the PuckOpener on the ground and play hockey with your feet.

iGrill Gives Grillers A Shot At Perfect Steaks

Don’t waste good meat. Use the iGrill ($40) to get perfectly grilled meat every time. The wireless Bluetooth Smart thermometer connects to your smart phone through the app. Mount the iGrill via the magnetic mount, stick the sensor in and the iGrill cycles through its 4 LED lights, each light letting you know what stage the meat’s at. Brilliant idea that frees up your hands to hold more bottles of beer.

A Plastic Goose That Lays A Golden Egg

Imagine serving golden eggs for dinner. You’d be the life of the party. Laughing, smiling, everyone loving your magical golden eggs. Your dream can come true. Just get the Golden Goose ($24) magical egg mixer. Plop an egg into the holder and with a few yanks of the handles on both ends, it spins the holder like a top. Hard-boil those things, peel and serve. Magic, golden eggs.

10 Seconds To Cold Beer With The Beer Glass Froster

Beer always tastes better from a nice, frosted mug. Sometimes though, a frosted mug isn’t around. That’ll never happen with this Beer Glass Froster ($400). It chills beer glasses in 10 seconds. A blast of cold air from a connected CO2 tank does the job. Why stop at beer glasses though? Chill those little bouncy balls sold in gumball machines and throw them at friends. Or cool down on a hot, summer day by sticking your head under the spout.

Use the Force..and Butter With the Darth Vader Toaster

Darth Vader was intimidating, but if he had toast popping out of his head, we’d have a different perspective. Here comes an officially licensed Darth Vader Toaster ($45). The Sith Lord’s helmet gives you two slices of toast with the image of Darth Vader on one side, and the Star Wars logo on the other. Expect your carb consumption to increase dramatically, since eating toast will now be twice as fun. Maybe even three times.

Clean Oddly-Shaped Kitchenware With Magnets

Sometimes, it’s so hard to clean the bottoms and sides of some glasses and kitchenware. They might be long and narrow or have tiny openings. If you don’t have small, little squirrel-like hands, you’re not going to be able to get in there and give them a good scrubbing. Use the Cuisipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber ($12) to reach hard to clean places. There’s a magnetic handle and magnetic scrubber. Place it inside the glass, align both parts and scrub away. Or find a way to get squirrel hands.

The Temperfect Mug: No More Cold Coffee

Coffee never stays warm, only let’s-sue-McDonald’s-hot or funny-I-didn’t-order-iced-coffee cold. Along comes Logan Maxwell with a novel solution to keep coffee at a constant, belly-warming 140 degrees farenheit. The Temperfect mug relies on a third insulation layer (nestled in between the inside and outside layers) called “Material X”. Don’t worry, you can carry this “Material X” out in the open at the office (and not have to hide in the bathroom).

“Material X” absorbs excess heat, which turns it to a liquid, bringing the temperature of your coffee down. At that point, this mystery substance then turns back into a solid, whereby it releases heat, warming your coffee back up again. It’s a cycle. What is “Material X”? Sand. No, just joking, it’s not.

Ratio Eight Coffee Machine: Much Better than 1-7

Premium coffee needs premium machines. Behold, the Ratio Eight coffee machine ($395). These come hand-assembled in Portland and are made of die-cast aluminum with nickel-plated finishing. Such quality means many years of caffeine stimulation. Preorder now for a May 2014 ship date.