Lomo LC-Wide

Digital cameras may be the norm, but old timers still enjoy film. Introducing the Lomo LC-Wide ($390), a 35mm film camera having the only 17mm Minigon ultra-wide-angle lens, enabling 103 degrees of panoramic view. The Lomo LC-Wide continues the line of Lomo cameras that enjoys a cult following due to its uniquely saturated pictures. Take pictures in half-frame, square and full format. Play with the unlimited multiple exposures, an ISO range of 100-1600 and maximum shutter speed of 1/500. Beside wide angle shots, use the 17mm lens for extreme close-ups and discover a world overlooked by the naked eye. Lomo cameras produce uniquely artistic photos that make others ask where you learned to take such great pictures. Elijah Wood’s a big Hollywood star and he uses it. So should you.

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