Nike Air Yeezy II

Ya know that phrase “Easy peasy lemon squeezy“? Ever wish you could throw another rhyme on there and totally trick out the sentence even more? Well check out the Nike Air Yeezy 2, a shoe that features hand-skived anaconda textured leather quarter panels, and most importantly, allows for one more passenger on the eezy rhyme train. The back of the shoe is sculpted into a series of spikes, while an engineered strap with scaled down spikes ties it all together. Look for a limited number of these starting next week in platinum and black editions. Then, when a friend says “Hey, can you tell me what kind of shoe that is you’re wearing?” you can say “Easy peasy, it’s the Yeezy, lemon squeezy.” Note: This works especially well if your friend’s name is actually ‘Lemon Squeezy.”

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