Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG

Mercedes-Benz is going the Danny DeVito route with the new A45 AMG: It’s small, but very energetic. Expected to pump out 370 hp and 300 pound-feet of torque, the all-new, twin-scroll turbocharged 2.0-liter engine could wind up with the greatest true series-production power-per-liter rating in the world. The specs are under wraps, but the A45 AMG is also expected to come with all-wheel drive, much like Mr. DeVito himself, who often walks on all fours in icy conditions.


  1. So you show us a car that won’t be available in the US. Wow thanks so much for the huge tease.

  2. Beautiful car, maybe one day I will own,one!

  3. I absolute adore this car! Great job Mercers Benz!!!!!

  4. Nice ride… How much?

  5. Looks like a Toyota matrix…

  6. Hot segment. All wheel drive, high HP & torque, hatch or small sedans. WRX, STI, Golf R, and now MBenz. Bring em on!

  7. I wish 2 put ma hands on this one poor me I can’t afford it. If I cu atleast test drive this beauty.

  8. Pls how much is the car?

  9. This is beautiful and elegant,trusting God for one soon

  10. The car model isliterally like a model awesome wanna get longe drive but no idea when it will launch in asia

  11. God give me d breakthrough to get dz babie

  12. pls tell me howmuch it is

  13. pls i want to buy it, wen and were can i i find the car, and tell me howmuch is d car

  14. Sweeeeet car

  15. Its cute for my swetluv !!!

  16. This new babe is cool.what’s the prize tag?

  17. A nice c0mpact fr0m mercedes,,,,should only kn0w its mass and the selling price n0w….

  18. Benjamin Tendai Mufumi

    nice car

  19. Nice car but where is the money…do u want me to rob a bank…haha

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