Helicopter Ceiling Fan

Now this is a ceiling fan. No, seriously, this is a ceiling fan. Sure, it’s also a kickass Hughes/MD 500 remote control helicopter, but it’s also going to keep your room cool with more style than InStyle magazine (full disclosure: I’ve never read a copy). With the¬†shiny black carbon fiber blades and aluminum base, this thing would look cool even if it wasn’t something Ahnold would yell at you to get to.


  1. Its fucking upside down.how dum can u get.a standard ceiling with lights it is more space effective

    • Yeah Tony! I agree wid u!!

    • Well Gumby,
      First your 5th grade language could be better, Second,it’s an RC Helicopter like the text said. It’s upside down so when you look at it, it looks like a birds eye view. I’m thinking on purpose. Further more if you reverse the pitch which looks like has been done you will get air flow toward the floor. Lastly, with a ceiling fan you don’t need it to be like rotor wash. You need air movement and that is just what this will do.
      Now go see if your mommy is looking for you boy.

      For the rest of the silly comments I thought were amusing, propellers on ships are indeed called screws, but propeller is also correct. However on airplanes they are also called airscrews, On Helo’s, they are rotors. They do infact produce thrust, ie. Power. At this time sustained inverted flight is not done in a real full sized helo. Loops and rolls only.
      This was fun to read. Thanks for all your comments. I enjoyed this. I just wish people would learn that certain slang words do not actually make you sound bigger, and certainly not wiser.

    • Tony, just a thought, but it would be easier to take your comments seriously if you would learn proper English first.

    • me to,i a gree wid tony

    • you guys are crackin me up, i mean, at anything above idle speed the thing will lift off and pull the god dang ceiling with it! Then what?

    • Gotta give space to innovation sometimes too, pal

    • its a rc helo, for a child, cool thing to have, really.

    • Obviously Tony here isn’t as smart as his fowl mouth! Just an FYI Tony,
      This scale modelceiling fan is a replica of the famous Hughes / MD 500, a very popular model of aircraft, known for it’s extraordinary maneuverable, the MD 500 indeed had the ability to fly upside down among other amazing tricks it could perform. JS! Consider yourself schooled and while you’re at it, clean up your mouth! ;)

  2. A helicopter propeller air draught goes downwards to create uplift, so in this case does it go upwards?

    • It is called reversed pitch, or negative pitch and would cause air to flow downward. I hover and fly inverted all the time. It is also easy to plant a heli to the ceiling as this, and hold it there until fuel runs out, or you decide to depart.

      • Yeah,sure you do…while it’s possible to fly a helicopter upside down getting in and out of that state is hardly trivial, and very few pilots ever attain the skill level fo do so… Ergo, I call “SHENANIGANS”

        • Obviously, not a full-sized helo, but a Remote-Controlled (RC) one, like the one in the picture. A few seconds research reveals several YouTube clips of RC helos flying upside down and doing tricks.

          Wait… did you really think this article was about a full-sized Hughes/MD 500 helo attached to someone’s ceiling? And that the previous poster was therefore also talking about flying full-sized helos upside down?

    • Those are called rotors not propellers.

    • If a ceiling fan blows down from the ceiling this actually makes a room warmer. Hot/warm air rises naturally, to cool a room efficiently a ceiling fan must drag the warm air upwards towards itself, therefore leaving cooler air at low level. I know this because I have reversible ceiling fans which can be used to keep a room warmer (by blowing down the naturally rising warm air) or to cool a room (by sucking the warm air up faster).

      • Wow you are soooo wrong that I actually had to respond. I live in phoenix (last night at 1:17 am I checked outside temp and it was 103 degrees) and therefore am a self professed expert on air flow and how to keep a room cool….because I live in the desert and have to know this sort of stuff and you are so exactly wrong I actually laughed out loud when I read your post. Air flow downward cools a room despite your elementary understanding of ‘hot air rises’. When you reverse a fan its for warming your home because it draws the air, creating motion without creating wind blowing directly on you (which will have a cooling effect 100% of the time.

    • Are you guys serious? You are arguing about the aerodynamics of a real helicopter when this is just a ceiling fan shaped like one? Am I missing something here for must fly if the controvesty is heated to a mock point of view. I dunno, just throwing it out there

  3. Castaway thank you for having common sense.

  4. valentine Okikiola Omoniyi

    This is more of a ceiling fan, what happens when you have high ambient temperature, will the cooling effect be felt? How about adding an evaporator like thing to it?since it displaces air downward, it looks like we might have an upthrust which might may pull down the fan.

  5. Wtf

    How dumb
    Are u to screw up a 200$ rc for somthin you can get for 30$

  6. All you negative Nancys have lost your man card. For eff-sake,it goes in a cave! Dammit man! Apologies..woman I mean. What happened to your imagination?

  7. talkic socent

    This screams man cave.

  8. This is splendid

  9. Not only does it function as a sweet ass RC Helicopter but also as a ceiling fan too! I love it! Where can I get one for my mancave???

  10. Evelyn godkin

    Actually this is a cool idea for a little kid who has a hard time falling asleep at nite. Watch the propeller go round n round n round n its goodnite Irene…

  11. Evelyn godkin

    If ur looking for space efficient then its not for u. If ur looking to put a smile on the little ones face then you’ve cracked the code. There’s a little bit for everyone here. Lets think positive people. If only everyone could. What a wonderful world this could be.

  12. Is a model-stinger included?

  13. Ok I don’t have a man card so I’ll borrow my man’s card! This is freakin [email protected]$$!

  14. You folks are nucking futz.

  15. Great idea, Im a huge helicopter fan. Now they just need one with strobe lights, for parties. And dont be hating bc you didnt come up with rhe idea first, you know you want one. ;)

  16. I think it’s Cool, but how much inches from ceiling to rotor?how does it anchor to base, and where do I get one? Please reply.

  17. Only a few rotate the blades

  18. “Come here honey, look at the new fan I got for the house” really?

  19. Gotta get one for my sons room!! He’ll love it!!!!

  20. Jeffro- If you really need permission and confirmation that what you do is acceptatable and approved, it just really isn’t for you. Go check out the new Hello Kitty collection. That is more your speed and authority.

  21. This will not fit in your double wide!

  22. Acftually, it’s the perfect size for a double wide, and I bet a redneck came up with it. But I fly rc helis and I wish I’d thought of it.

  23. Looks cool

  24. Like the idea thanks!!!!!!!

  25. It is true rotors are on helicopters but propellers are not found only on ships. They are found on planes or other devices too.

  26. Ever wonder why people walk bent over when approaching a chopper it’s cause of the blade wash
    Inverted the blades are forcing air to ceiling

  27. It’s an actual ceiling fan disguised as a helicopter!

  28. What airframe is it built on? Id have to have one!

    • I believe it said Hughes MD 500, made in Mesa, AZ. It’s not an rc, that would be too noisy . It’s a ceiling fan,that looks like one.Oh yeah, it’s not a real .MD 500 either , IT’S A CEILING FAN!!!

  29. People walk bent over to helo’s, not because of the blade wash, but because of the blade sag. The rotor pitch is neutral when a helo is sitting at idle on the ground, no thrust, up or down.

    Propellers provide thrust, hence they propel you. Rotors provide lift, and are tipped for and aft to provide thrust.. Airplanes, boats and hovercraft have propellers. Rotary wing airplanes have both, but little to no power is supplied to the rotors.


  31. Aren’t you afraid of the mission being another American failure aka “BlackHawk Down?”

  32. I’d like one with some some appropriately scaled Zuni rockets (pointed at the cave door), puhleez!

  33. How do u attach that thing to a ceiling first before it starts working? :s

  34. The battery in a real RC helicopter that does the tricks & flys upsid bee down gets VERY HOT. Plus the batterys are VERY $$$$$$$ could be a Fire issue if this is a real RC helicopter.

  35. All of you are retarded. You either can afford it, or you can’t.I like how it looks. And at $500 its a steal for my game room. Stop working at burger king and get a real job…….CASH IS KING.!!!!!

  36. I like it, looks really cool. But then again I like big breasts in my face. Does that make me bad?

  37. This is so cool! These comments are cracking me up! Dorks.

  38. Look at the width of the rotors in the pic. That’s not displacing any volume of air, it’s just for looks. But any consumer product that removes money from yuppy scum and rednecks is fine with me. Chumps.

  39. Has anyone noticed that the rotors sag UP. That things not stuck to the celing.

  40. Photoshop! interesting idea though. First I noticed there was no discernible mechanism to hold it to the ceiling. Then I looked at the sag on the blades, but couldn’t tell if they were straight or sagging up.

    Then I looked at the reflection on the copter and it is reflecting an outside scene with sky and what seems to be maybe mountains.

    From what I can tell it would be loud as a ceiling fan and spin too fast. And since the blades could actually produce lift it would need some really good mounting

    But in any case the picture is not real

  41. Greetings from Canada

    I was lInked to this page from Fox News, which I like to look at once in a while to see what propaganda the American religious fundamentalists are feeding you ( I check out al jazeera too to see what the middle eastern religious fundamentalists are up to as well)

    I cannot believe the comments here. What a bunch if idiots!

    It’s a helicopter cieling fan. It’s just for fun. It’s a Chinese made toy that will break sooner than later. Hopefully it makes someone happy for a while. It’s not really going to compete with a real cieling fan, but it looks cool in some nerdy teenagers room.

    As for downwashing screws, rotors, propellers, or whatnot…..

  42. @frank, yeeah im agree wiff’ U!!!!

  43. Who cares if it is upside down and who cares about Tony’s English? ??? I want one!!

  44. D thing make sense o.

  45. Might as we jump on the technical correction bandwagon. I agree that Helo’s Have rotors, large ships have screws, and plans have propellers. But it’s commonly acceptable to call them propellers on small boats also.

    But then we come to a comment by ‘J’. In the world of engineering, motors are accepted as devices which convert energy into power, as an electric motor would do.

    Engines, on a the other hand, are devices that first take fuel, convert that to energy, and then use it to make power. Gasoline, diesel, and jet are all examples of engines.

    So technically, the words ‘motor’ and ‘engine’ are not interchangeable.

  46. Take a cold shower… much cheaper

  47. This is more about form than function. Make it Magnum PI’s chopper and the hubby couls put it anywhere in our house.

  48. what if i want to jump on my mancave bed?

  49. basher el assad

    I need like 200 of them ASAP!

  50. intelligence police

    Really? I’m certain we are all now dumber for having read some of the comments. I don’t need a toy ceiling fan any more than I need a bed that looks like a race car. Which I hasten to add doesn’t drive upside down either…

  51. Lighten up people its cool. Have we become so bitter, we can no longer have any fun? What a difference four years make.

  52. These comments are hilarious. Especially “your mom has a propeller”. LOL!!!

  53. And I thought Zambia was the only country that has dumb people with nothing to say on some issues. Wish we had more people like RCFLYER.

  54. Haha these comments are so childish!, if u think its stupid
    And a dumb idea why comment move on wasnt made to satisfy you
    Was made by someone who liked the idea kids would love it
    Wether u do or not, think of the kids not ur selfs!
    AWSOME IDEA!!! Love it want one for my boys :)

  55. Fake or real either way awsome idea for kids even for us adults tht like
    To have fun, haha n if u think bout it to thos sayin its nt real because
    Of the reflection look to ur right theres a big window my celinfan shows clouds cuz of my window
    Either way is it realy worth fighting over its an awsome idea, n if u think its fake then
    Take the idea n make it urself n u could become rich! Love the idea tho but not worth arguing over

  56. Wow what’s is wrong with people,its a simple ceiling fan,and as far as ino all ceiling fans ,u can reverse or forward the blades.geesee.

  57. You are 100% accurate and I also live in a hot climate where the fan blows air over our body to create that cooling effect!

    As for it’s looks: Any boy(or girl) into RC models or just trains, planes and automobiles would like a fan like this! Have folks forgotten what it’s like to see the world through a child’s eyes? Honestly some of the comments make me wonder if people just get their kicks out of putting others down. Oh right, of course they do!! It’s a neat idea for a rec room or kids room!!


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