Microsoft Surface

When did Microsoft last invent a forward-thinking and uniquely designed product that people want? Who knows, this ain’t the museum of computer science. What IS known is that Microsoft just dropped the 411 on the Surface, Microsoft’s version of the tablet and set to do battle with ultrabooks and iPads. This might just be the product to take the company into a new frontier.

This 10.6″ beauty comes in two versions: one running Windows RT and another running Windows 8. While Windows RT won’t run your traditional Windows software, it does measure a bit thinner than the Windows 8. If you feel the need to run Windows software on a tablet, go for the Windows 8 version. Both will offer either 32 or 64GB internal storage.

Two things immediately pop out of the new Microsoft Surface. You have the screen cover which features a full keyboard on the backside. Then there’s the built-in kickstand in the back for propping up the Surface to catch a video or whatnot.

Although no price was set, these are meant to compete with the iPad and ultrabooks with a price in a similar range. Definitely not in the Kindle type range. Though no release date has been announced, estimates are fall or end of the year.


  1. can those who are already using tablet running window 7 be able to sort
    Upgrade his issoftware to Upgradewindow 8?

  2. I hope it comes with Silverlight installed or with the capability to install Silverlight.

    • If I remember correctly, you won’t need to install silverlight as it is being rolled into the framework

    • Silverlight? You really want to prolong the decades of proprietory bloatware after we’re finally peeling off the tentacles of Flash and IE8 and earlier. HTML5 and mobile web is the only future you want…

  3. It’s an interesting concept, but Windows RT is going to prove stillborn. Whatever the price savings or minor size reduction adds to the appeal is completely lost from fact that it’s essentially not a Windows device anymore. No Windows software, no familiar Windows operating system, no chance against iOS or Android. Heck, the BlackBerry Playbook is a more compelling offer.

    The Windows 8 version will also have to be very cheap to make up for what’s lost compared to an Ultrabook/Ultrathin.

    There’s only so much practical use that one can derive from their gadgets, and I don’t see where Surface fits in between a the very inexpensive yet capable $200 Nexus 7, the even more capable but less portable and fairly expensive ~$500 iPad, and a $900 jack-of-all-trades Ultrabook. It’s going to have an Atom processor – it better be under $500.

    • Disagree 100%. Do you know how many business consumers are waiting for a tablet with Office on it? Not only that, but even the RT tablet will have a full USB port. That means you can stick a flash drive in it, print from it, hell, charge your iPad with it. No Android or iPad offering even comes close to what the Surface will have productivity-wise.

      • I agree 100% with John. The world is waiting for a tablet running MS Access, Outlook with Business Mgr and full OneNote.

      • Office users also need anti-virus, printer drivers, custom applications, specialist software and a lot more.

        Definately stillborn. You’d be crazy to invest in a niche OS.

      • this really shows the ignorance of the general consumer. there are dozens of third party android/ios office software out there with full compatibility with all office formats. and most of professionals out there don’t even use or need all the archaic functionalities of the official office. the only thing is they never tried third party software and are brainwashed into thinking only Microsoft office is capable of doing work. I actually left a post somewhere almost identical to nlcs’ The RT really is a fad thing to mimic android and ios but is essentially worthless as a piece of technology. the tablet itself is nice but the OS is a redundant invention that is there to attract Microsoft loyalists.I also hoped they just utilized Windows 8

  4. Hey, the windows 8 version is better than any ultrabook which had an i7 processor because the windows surface will sport a 4gig ivy bridge processor. Expect to play crisis crisis warhead with maxed out settings in a tablet for the first time :-)

  5. There are Android tablets w full usb USB at least. Not sure about the rt version but you’re probably right about the win 8 ver. I just wish it had a sturdier keyboard & docking mechanism like the infinity, not that kickstand BS. Not nearly as comfortable to use on your lap.

  6. Er… will I need an antivirus package with that?

    • RT version will not require AV. Surface Pro will.. Although it comes with advanced security measures comparable to most internet security software. If you do not have anti virus installed on windows 8, it will automatically enable its own.

  7. sounds of frogs climbing

    Will need Avast at the very least

  8. Microsoft cant compete with the new iPad or existing Galaxy Tabs and it would be a fail if overpriced

  9. This tablet is so overpriced. With only half the resolution of the iPad. MS has had several years to work on a tablet & thisvis what they come up with ? This is why they have 2 pay this site for the article.

  10. If you want a nice screen go to iPad, but if what you are looking for full functionality and integration W8 is the must.

  11. Microsoft bringing out effectively two OS will splinter their already fragile market, android and iOsX are all ready pulling away fast, hopefully Google can formulate an cheap android flavoured viable desktop distro and we can see a proper fight at last, and decades in the making.

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