Sharp 90-inch AQUOS LED TV

Can you imagine bringing retired NBA star Yao Ming into your living room, fastening his 7’6 body diagonally to your wall, and then sitting down to see what TV shows he could mimic? Sounds like a hoot, right? Well, I’ve got some good news and bad news. The bad: Yao isn’t down with that. He says it’s “beneath his dignity.” The good: You can now buy a TV his exact size! The 90″ Sharp LC-90LE745U ($10,999)┬áis the biggest LED TV currently in production. It’s got your built-in Wi-Fi, NetFlix, Vudu, and 3D capability, but most importantly it gets you Yao’s length without all those complaints about his pride, etc.


  1. Since i posted first I get one free right?

  2. At the price I am just about $11,000 short.

  3. Hmmmmmmmmm……………just in time for football!

  4. Wait 6 months and you’ll get that TV for half the price !

  5. Watching a porno movie on that screen must be like being in the middle of an orgy !

  6. very much.,..

  7. Someone buy me one please

  8. But it’s not 4K. They could use individual LEDs for the pixels.

  9. Are there cheap ones from China?

  10. A lot of diferent opinions I c.good for 3d as it was desighned for the 50 foot screen in a cinema to work properly so great for vivid 3 d movie folloers.great size for proffesionals in the work place for confrences and presentations linked to a good cusom built pc.lovley peace off equipment but in all ohnesty out with the work sector you need a room in your home seperate just for a tv room to yous this sendibley.99 inch live video calls and pc and games consoles caricters would be fab.sensibly its gourgeous but clearly aimed at one market.would do the job for hanginging in a train station.oops that’s right fellow tweeters its not new our train stations and bus stations have had them long enougj.just putting them on public advertizing for our homes something that’s been available for years if you asked the train station example five years ago how much and what make and modelle there tvs in transport locations we could have actual have got our hands on a 99 inch tv long ago if we looked up and paid atention

  11. I’m not only a pensioner. What bills i pay, i pay one quarter and get hundreds of final notices all the time. I can’t afford a black and white from the salvos let slone something science fiction like this giant baby. Wonder if anyone wants to employ a cripple for two years. Any offers ?

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