Google Nexus 7 Tablet by Asus

If you prefer apple in your pie and only in your pie, the Google Nexus 7 from Asus is the tablet for you. The 7-inch slate¬†will run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and the 8GB version will only set you back a modest $199. The guts of the device – quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 1280 x 800 IPS display, 1.2-megapixel camera, and 1GB of RAM – are more than sufficient for your needs–as long as your needs don’t include seeing a once-bitten apple on the backside.


  1. There’s no information about expandable storage. There’s no rear camera, no SIM slot, no GSM or LTE antennas. It means we’re just gonna have to rely on WiFi, but for a tablet this small, it’s supposed to be portable, with no GSM connection this clearly defeats the point.

    And at a measly 7″, who the hell would want to buy this sort of thing. You’d be better off getting a Galaxy Note.

    Heck, why not wait for the Microsoft Surface tablet? It might even surprise us all..

    • The Nexus Tablet is supposed to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire. No radios or rear camera probably allows it to hit the $200 price point.

      Check out the review on Verge. Sadly, no expandable storage.

    • This is a $200 tablet, not a $700 Note. Don’t compare this no-contract device to one that requires a two-year contract.

      Likewise, don’t compare it to a tablet that hasn’t even launched yet, although I’m equally intrigued by the chance Microsoft might release a tablet. I’m not so intrigued by its recycled name, an operating system that can’t choose between mouse or fingers, and a considerably higher price point.

      You should compare this to the other Android tablets on the market today. Even the iPad fans are nervous to be put in their place by a device that costs a third of its price. Compare this to a Kindle Fire. A nearby Acer. it’s hard because they don’t compare.

    • “..who the hell would want to buy this sort of thing?”

      A month and a half after your post, the Nexus 7 kicks off with one of the biggest launches in tech history, getting praise from virtually every reviewer in the industry, and selling out in every store in the country in 5 days. Ha, how do your words taste, my friend? :)

      All in good fun, by the way.

    • austin schultz

      This tablet is awesome! 12-core GPU (1GB), Tegra 3 processor (quad-core), 16GB hard drive, and only $250? That’s the fastest tablet and the cheapest.


  3. Every decent newer phone becomes its own mobile hotspot. Why pay for two data accounts? I’m selling one of my ipads and buying two of these for kids who are constantly on netflix.

    How about cloud storage? Streaming straight from dropbox? Storage not an issue.

    • But, as one sales rep at Best Buy weakly commented, Apple’s cloud storage is built in.

      Somewhere Steve Jobs is crying.

  4. joe scroggins

    This could be bigger but I have a laptop and a nexus phone. Expensive stuff. I have always wanted a simple tablet for wifi net surfing on the couch or at the table drinking my coffee. I don’t want to read books. I prefer paper. I got so many cameras I need more memory to save them. Seriously I don’t need to slow my tablet down with thousand pics. This is affordable and sounds smooth fast and functional. No HDMI. I got my phone my laptop and desktop connected to my TV. As well as cable TV. DVD player. Wii. Play station. I don’t need more junk to set on the couch and wait for the kids to fall asleep to use. Really quit complaining about useless gadgets that drive these prices out of the reach of a working man. App store and wifi is all one needs for a tablet
    It is not a laptop and if you want it to be then buy a laptop. Which leads me to my next issue. Stop making laptops smaller and lighter it only drives cost up and quality down. Is someone would sell a heavy thick laptop that won’t shatter in a million pieces if I drop it I would buy it. Durability is the new upgrade I hope.

  5. John Cartwright

    This would be better if you could put a MicroSD card in it. Sadly, you may not be able to.

    • The one bane of all these tablets, sadly. On the bright side, I doubt the manufacturer will try preventing you from opening it to change the battery, unlike this device’s triple-price competitor. Or installing third party apps; developers won’t have to work for weeks figuring out how to break the operating system for that functionality.

  6. well its cool but an ipad is better and well the samsung galaxy note even better.

  7. Microsoft surface is $999. Youre talking like a millionare(good if you really are).Android tablets has no Apps(I mean useful apps and low quantity), google this’why android tablets suck’ and you’ll have pages explaining why. And ms surface has eye watering price. Whose the winner then? The resulationary iPad.

    • Really Steve? Really? Even from beyond the grave?

    • austin schultz

      IPad sucks dick! It doesn’t have flash, it doesnt have as many apps as the android market place(Google play), it is not open source, and everything made by apple is expensive and shitty. In order to work the iPad or iPhone you have to buy things only from apple and not from some service that’s cheaper and its stupid. Fuck u apple. Go android!

  8. Larry Soldaty

    Does it support Java? Adobe Flash?

  9. It’s built on Java, so yeah it supports it – although if you mean .jar files, they’ll need to be recompiled with some adjustments since there’s no mouse, keyboard, etc. For example, the Android version of Minecraft, which is nicely optimized for touchscreen devices.

    Unfortunately, Adobe has announced that they will no longer be developing or supporting mobile Flash in favor of more modern standards, so that’s out of the question. However, similar to with JAR files, individual Flash projects can be converted into Adobe Air format, which runs on Android as a native application and can be used at any time rather than requiring a browser. Additionally, Air apps are optimized for mobile devices, allowing them to function much better than their browser-based counterparts. There are tons of examples of Air-based Flash apps, such as “Rebuild”.

  10. i think it’ll take time to be available here in israel. I badly want nexus 7, and i need it asap. . It’s features fits my taste. Any advice on how can i purchase one like this month or the next?

  11. So Freaking cool is right :-) I love it
    . Got mine just before they sold out everywhere :-)

  12. Mitchell Clark

    I have had mine for 3 weeks now, absolutely love it. I get strong Wi-Fi signals and it works great with my Samsung S3 mobile hotspot. The ONLY thing I don’t like is no SD card port. Get the 16gb’ I got the 8gb and it will only hold one movie if you want a decent amount of apps also.
    Battery life is great. Doesn’t get hot even after using it for hours.
    For 200$ its a great deal!!!

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