Hone for iPhone 4S: Locator for Your Keys

Undoubtedly you’ve lost your keys a few times in your life. Heck, we’ve lost your keys. But if you’re the owner of an iPhone 4S or iPad 3, you can kill that cruddy tradition with the Hone ($40), a Bluetooth accessory for your keychain that lights up and loudly vibrates to let you, ahem, home in on their whereabouts. It runs for six months on its included battery and it has a 150+ foot range. Oh by the way, we’ve also lost your remote control, luggage, and virginity. Twice.


  1. Cool, but can this device also beep the iPhone or iPad if I have my keys but have mislaid my iDevice?

    • I’m into electronic gadgets. Ussually those apps are like walkie talkies, simple 2 way. I had a bridgestone thing that sat on my table could find 8 objects, my electronic background would say yes, its an educated guess. I’ll try it. later HD.

  2. Abdikadir maalim issack

    Itz fantistic 2 have 1 Oh’ i wsh.!

  3. My phone is usually with my keys ;-/
    Not that good of an idea….

  4. It would be cheaper to get one of those key fobs that beep when you clap….

  5. Iphone comp. There are realy out to help ease up some little pressures within one’s family.

  6. Hmmn 40 quid is a bit much and surely this can be used with the latest phones instead of being hailed as a reason for iPhone brilliance which this is surely not. Cannot stand products that big up iPhones which are now old hat and limited not to mention the premium involved in ownership

  7. If it costs 40 quid then you should not only be able to track your keys but track your phone too! The device should be able to somehow detect our phones and our iphones should be able to detect the device on the keys, simple as, now that 40 quid would be worth the buy!

    • Your generation has no idea of the beginnings of apple…
      You all love google so much that you have all forgotten about Microsoft. Apple was the battler against the “evil” gates, but after the iPhone was such a success, this generation thinks it was always that way.
      Why can’t we celebrate the success of apple? I’m glad there is google, making android, it keeps apple innovating, and is good for all, don’t be a hater, embrace the competition between them, and don’t forget that the “evil” gates is still out there. :)
      ( for those that don’t get sarcasm…. Gates is a great man who has done a lot for the third world, and I do not concider him evil :) )

  8. Humm, now if I could just find my IPhone………

  9. iPhone has app FIND MY IPHONE and the cost ? Well it’s free and it works !!!

  10. What if you dont have a Iphone will it

    still work

  11. Several years ago Radio Shack sold a key finder for under $20-not a new idea at all.

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