McLaren MP4-12C Spider

In the time it just took you to glance at that picture and read these first few words, the McLaren MP4-12C Spider ($265,750) just went 0 to 60. Yeah, the Spider needs a mereĀ 3.1 seconds to achieve that feat, thanks to its 616-horsepower 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. The retractable hard top means you can feel the cool breeze in your face, and the power wind deflector means you can control just how much breeze smacks you in the kisser. It’s a very impressive package. That’s what he said.


  1. Okay, you are gay. Don’t know how that was relevant to the article, but…whatever.

  2. The new mclaren is a beautiful car:0)

  3. That’s what who said? Humphry? Robert Mitchum? You’re either rather elderly, or as Nate suggested, flaming.

  4. Oh wow! McLaren did an amazing job with that car! I soooo want one!

  5. Looks like a lotus, one things for sure that when it comes to anything other than technical, McLaren suck. This thing is ugly.

  6. steve markiewicz

    Awesome! Love homage to Bruce with the flying kiwi

  7. Sexy. But f’ugly color choice above.

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