Ouya: Android Game Console

How we play games, from the Atari 2600 to mind games with your Aunt Connie, is constantly changing. The latest entrant into the gaming hemisphere isn’t quite official yet, but it involves a $99  Android console from Ouya.  The concept would let any developer publish games, and all games would be free to play. Every customer who buys a retail box would also get a developer’s kit. Better brush up on that C++.


  1. Very cool, kids of today could learn to make their own games and learn a trade in the process.

  2. If you are programming an Android app, you’re probably using Java.

  3. A Game is a lot better then an App Tex

  4. I would imagine one would use a cross platform framework like mono to port those massive C++ code bases to the Ouya, all I can say is Ooohh yeah! :)

  5. c++ code

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