Air Jordan 6 Retro – “Olympic”

The Air Jordan 6 Retro – “Olympic” shoes just had a high-profile release in time for the Olympic games in London after having made their debut during the 2000 games in Sydney.  You remember 2000, don’t you? Matchbox Twenty was all over the radio, Tom Hanks was crushing on a volleyball, and the Yankees beat the Mets in the Subway Series. These shoes also cost just over a C-note back then, and today they’re fetching a cool grand on eBay. Sure, inflation sucks, but hey, at least Matchbox Twenty has stopped bothering us.


  1. Matchbox 20 are back together and just released there new single the same day these came out lol

  2. I didn’t know Matchbox and Nike were linked. I thought they made toy cars.

  3. You are dumb if you pay a G for them kicks. You can still get those for bout $220. Even for retail if you get lucky. Stupid story.

  4. What? Is this a joke? One might think I’m hatin, but…..what nut would fork over thatt kind of dough for some damn sneakers? What is goin on in this world comin to?

  5. Ugly. You are better off with the new LeBron’s for $315 than you are with these ugly ducklings.

  6. Every Jordan after 5 is s$$t.

  7. Badly, lt was far more better with other patterns!

  8. Although jordans are 1 of the best and top selling sneakers of all time, watch sales are gonna start to decline if you keep putting out garbage like this, not to mention the price is just ridiculous, who the hell gonna sacrafice their rent money and car note for mr. jordan, retro go cop some old iversons, thats where im spending my loot.

  9. I only rock the 4s and maybe Concords and 3s a lot of Jordan’s are stupid looking

  10. How can anyone not like the XI’s

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