Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun Case

Previously, the best way to defend yourself with a cell phone was to go all Russell Crowe on the bad guy. Things have changed. The Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case ($100) protects your iPhone and your ass via a 650,000 volt charge that zaps out of it. It also provides up to 20 hours of additional battery life for your iPhone, so after you take down that gun-toting thug, you can call up the local TV news crew so they can come interview you and stuff. Hero and ham, all in one night!


  1. Oh lord help us…….

  2. Here is to hoping you don’t stun gun yourself with 650,000 volts
    of cool when you get a wrong drunking butt dial at 3a.m. from
    someone you don’t know.

  3. Wonder how many people are going to shock themself lol

  4. What prevents a kid from shocking them self

  5. What’s to stop the electrical beam from arcing backwards and frying your iPhone? Stun gun circuitry is robust, smartphones, less so.

  6. If you use an Idiot fone you should get stungunned anyway ;)

  7. Stunning every person around you including yourself on a daily basis

  8. some funny comments but a great product.

  9. I have a question. What do you do about the violent children or criminals that will get their hands on this to use to hurt and use it for crimes. Especially now with all those children that wild out or the violent flash mob mentality. How do you stop them from doing violent acts with this thing. They just gave children, bullies and criminals more edge and leverage against their victims.

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