Canon EOS M

Your new year’s resolution to take more “tastefully nude” photos of your girlfriend has stalled, because every time she’s in the mood, you need 15 minutes to set up your fancy camera. By that time, she’s come to her prudish senses. Well, Canon’s EOS M ($800) is ready to help you out with that. Canon’s first mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera means superb quality in a much smaller form factor, plus the ability to swap lenses. Cuz let’s face it, sometimes you need that zoom lens for the girl down the street.


  1. How do you think this camera compares to the new Pentax K30 that’s out. I’m looking to make the plunge into these heavy duty style cameras. Which one is better??

    • The K30 is a full blown DSLR. The EOS M isn’t but is pretty close in that it can use Canon’s wide range of lenses. So, it depends on what you’re looking for. A DSLR or a “compact” DSLR (mirrorless camera). If the latter, which is what the EOS M is, and you haven’t invested in Canon lenses, the Sony NEX might be another good choice.

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