Chrome Hearts Aviator Sunglasses

Celebrities flock to Chrome Hearts sunglasses for its appeal and workmanship. Chris Tucker, Eddie Murphy and Brian Austin Green (Megan Fox’s boytoy) have been known to sport these frames. So if you want to be a hilarious black comedian or date super hot Hollywood starlets, jump on the Chrome Hearts Aviator Sunglasses from the Summer 2011 collection. Each sport a combination of leather, 925 silver (the best sterling silver available) and metal, while adhering to the classic aviator look. Find their available stores here.


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    I’ve been reading this board for quite a long time. Recently, firefox tries to stop me from visiting – it says that this website is infected.

    Can you do something about it?

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      The only ads we run on the site come straight from Google. And the only unit we run is the 300×250 on the right. Unless an unscrupulous advertiser is injecting malware into the ad and it slips past Google, there should be no reason to receive that warning.

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