Without the BABYBJORN High Chair, YOUR BABY WILL DIE! That’s one of the rationale for dropping 300 bones on this high chair from Sweden. Granted, it does appear to solve a lot of high chair related accidents. And thousands of babies hurt themselves in high chair accidents each year. So, let’s not be flippant. After all, we can’t put babies in bubbles to protect themselves. Even though that worked for me. And look at me now, I’m a high paid blogger. Whoopee!

Babies know no boundaries, so they’re always crawling out of high chairs or kicking themselves away from the dinner table, knocking their high chair back. One of the key features of the BABYBJORN high chair is that the tray acts as a safety restraint. You pop it downward, put baby in and pop it back. It acts as a safety belt. Its positioning prevents baby from kicking himself away from the dinner table. The curvature of the tray also keeps baby’s belly and body comfortable.

Yet, that same tray that acts as a safety restraint could be the product’s biggest drawback. Anytime you want to take baby out, you have to move the tray downwards. What happens when you have food and mess all on the table? It’ll be a hassle to clean up the tray every time you want to take baby out. For $300, this might need some retooling. Watch more below.

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