Powdered Beer by Pat’s Backcountry Beverages

Powder has been involved with guns and milk before, but never has it truly been as honored as it is today.¬†Pat’s Backcountry Beverages brings us Powdered Beer, a portable way to enjoy beer, soda, or sparkling water, whenever and wherever the heck you want it. Just load the carbonator cap with water, pour the eco2Activator packet in the reaction cup , and fill ‘er up with whatever concentrate mix gets you¬†thirsty. You’re quite welcome, powder.


  1. Yet again another example why america is obese. Addicted to artificial crap. Im only 28 and when i was growing up there was nothing artificial about nothing we ate or drank. Wake up america and start eating amd drinkng real food.

  2. Don’t like it? Then don’t drink it. I usually bring whiskey and need a good chaser, this should suffice well. Most people who venture to the back country burn the extra calories anyway. Stop being such a hipster.

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