L.L.Bean 100th Anniversary Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss Army Knife, the best thing ever created by the “Swiss” other than Swiss Miss instant cocoa, is now 100 years old. L.L. Bean is marking this milestone with a unique limited edition version of the iconic multi-tool, made from reclaimed Swiss walnut, so each knife will look a little different. L.L. Bean’s 100th Anniversary Swiss Army Knife ($59) comes equipped with seven stainless-steel tools with 11 functions. Fingers crossed that “hot chocolate stirring” is one of those functions.


  1. Will it be available in the Philippines? I want to have one! One of the gadgets i cannot leave home without it.

  2. Does it have a clip on the side so I can attach it to my pocket or belt for quick easy access? I hope so…because it is so inconvenient to have to fumble and dig to get to it.

  3. It is a way cool concept. The Swiss Army knife is legendary. However, one should buy from the original Swiss manufacturer! Not LL Bean

    • @Torrie Gruber:
      Special editions usually are ONLY available from the company that they were produced for.
      That’s pretty much the POINT of a Special Edition.

  4. According to the descriptive text this is LL BEAN’S effort to honorthe Swiss Army Knife, not the manufacturer.

  5. The Anonymous Engineer

    If you want a wooden handled Swiss Army knife, you are not restricted to this special edition from Wenger.
    Wenger’s ‘genuine Swiss Army knives’ include the ‘EvoWood’ range that have ergonomically shaped handle scales made from similarly reclaimed Swiss walnut:
    * http://www.wenger.ch/special-design-wood

    Actually, this LL Bean (whoever they are) knife might well be an engraved EvoWood knife – I cannot tell from the photo whether its handle scales are of the ‘Evolution’ shape.

    If I wanted to replace my trusty old ‘Victorinox Swiss Champ’, I would probably choose its Wenger equivalent, the ‘Evolution S 54’, that has the advantage of ergonomically shaped scales
    (http://www.wenger.ch/evolution-s-54-1-054-059-300), or the similar but grippier-scaled ‘EvoGrip S 54’ (http://www.wenger.ch/evogrip-s54-1-054-059-821).

  6. Really? You ask “whoever they are” about L.L. Bean? Really? They’re only an American company that has been around for over 100 years and does $1.4 billion in sales per year. They are also famous for having a lifetime guaranteed on everything they sell, even if it was sold 100 years ago.

  7. LL Bean is not honoring the 100th anniversary of the Swiss Army Knife. It’s actually been around for 120 years. They’re honoring LL Bean’s 100th anniversary.

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