Samsung Galaxy Camera

While most smartphones these days can butter toast, knit a shawl, and massage your groin, they still can’t take a decent picture. I mean, decent decent. Samsung aims to smash that notion with the Galaxy Camera, a camera that’s also an Android smartphone, instead of vice versa. A huge 4.8-inch HD LCD display shows you the 16-megapixel stills you capture in all their glory via the retractable lens with 21x optical zoom. The guts of device include a 1.4GHz quad-core processor, while Wi-Fi and 4G get you connected. No word yet on its shawl-knitting capabilities.


  1. While I agree on the rubbish quality of a smartphone camera I just think an average Joe would feel like a right tit having their camera up to their ear while on a phone call. The idea is great though, but practicality and this smartamera can’t really be used in the same sentence. Just a thought

  2. Looks like it would fit comfortably in a backpack or rolling luggage, but not a pocket.

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