Death Star Tea Infuser

How pissed is Darth Vader over the constant movie tinkering by George Lucas? He’s so pissed, he’s switched from Jedi blood to tea as his bedtime beverage of choice. Of course he’s still a supreme evil prick, so he uses this stainless steel Death Star Tea Infuser ($19.99) to get things going, and now you can too. Just fill it with the tea leaves of your choice and dip it into hot water. May the Sleepytime be with you.


  1. Really? What makes this more special than a tea infuser I just snagged at a local shop for £3?

  2. Well ur £3 one harriet clearly isn’t a death star one is it……

  3. Don’t get technical with tea

  4. It looks like an ordinary infuser with a little dimple on it. Oh wait…there IS a little star pattern on the dimple. Definately worth the price!

  5. Did the death star always have a star of David on it?

  6. Sweet. Will Lucas sue?

  7. Cool. I like the little TIE fighter on the end of the chain.

  8. Where do I find this ?

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