Hennessey Performance CTS-V VR1200 Twin Turbo

For the perfectionist… for the, I-can’t-be-seen-in-anything-but-the-fastest-car-on-the-road guy… comes the Hennessey Performance CTS-V VR1200 Twin Turbo. Just 12 of these voracious creatures are being built, and with good reason. The specs are insane. The 427 CID (7.0L) aluminum V8 engine delivers an astonishing and ungodly 1,226 horsepower and 1,109 lb ft of torque. That (and the gorgeous looks) gets you from 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds, which probably also gets you on the radar of every nearby cop. But with a top speed of 242 mph, is this really something to sweat?

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