No Skateboarding by Mathisa Fennetaux

Check out portraits of 70 of the most influential skaters in No Skateboarding by Mathisa Fennetaux. This photography book spans 10 years in the making and captures portraits, rather than the obligatory actions shots, of these skaters, showing the men behind the skate tricks. For each skater, Fennetaux had one sitting and 24 shots of each subject. Skaters involved in the project include Rodney Mullen, Tony Alva and Mike McGill.

The release coincides with an exhibition of the prints at Colette in Paris. Only 1000 will be released and 100 are limited edition. Each limited edition book is numbered and signed by the author, encased in a light blue clamshell box and includes a black and white hand-processed print by Fennetaux of either McGill or Alva. Preorder either the regular release or limited edition.

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