iPhone 5

Apple’s newest offspring doesn’t wow you with any one killer feature, like say, a compartment for hot sauce (last time I trust that rumor mill), but the iPhone 5 ($199 for 16GB) is indeed an upgrade across the board. First off, the size. The display is now 4 inches, up from 3.5. It measures 7.6 millimeters thick and weighs 112 grams–18% thinner and 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S. The retina display pixel density remains intact, now at a 1136×640 resolution, with 44 percent more color saturation than the 4S. Better late than never, the iPhone 5 is also now ready to rock 4G LTE network speeds. Apple’s A6 chip is now inside, and the company says that makes this phone 2x faster than the 4S. Despite the power boosts, battery life is also improved, with an expected 8 hrs of LTE browsing time. A new connector pin, iOS 6, and FaceTime with 720p support round out the feature package. I don’t know about you, but to me, this leaves the door wiiiide open for Samsung to walk through with a hot sauce dispenser.


  1. Are you freaking Kidding This So called new phone is an absolute failure,
    The screen size!! I don’t think they even make that screen size any More….
    The retna pixle density Can not get any higher’ that’s the whole point of retna displays….Try google if you need help
    4G LTE speeds…..might want to check at the latest lawsuit my friends @ Samsung & HTC are getting ready to throw Apples way.
    A new connector pin, sonow if youhave a car charger or other cable you can throw those away and startwith the new “Lightning” cord.
    Doesnt seem too friendly to the environment.

    Time you get off the AppleKoolaid and realise that Apple is on the way out.

  2. You know? Apple continues to stay basic. Other than usually good battery life, nothing is ever spectacular about these idevices other than their price. Every single one of their components can be ordered cheaply on Amazon along with a ready to use very cheap tool kit. Is Siri really all they could come up with? There is nothing even innovative about them. What they have, is what someone else has already came up with. God forbid they stop using the same iOS and come up with something new. Any “smart” smart phone owner who takes the time to see what they are actually getting versus other options will not bother with this. Hardly any real difference besides a A6 and a half inch more screen. Wow. Not impressive. Only a dumb high school mall rat would seriously drool at this thing.

  3. Im an apple lover and have sung their praises to all that listen, but i believe apple have reaches their peak and now without steve jobs at the helm the no longer have the revelutionary thinking in their products. Apple have peaked and its obvious their out of ideas. Also still no decent battery….

  4. What a crock of crap! Even MacBooks are made with the same components as PCs yet some people are so stupid that they don’t know. The iPhone is merely playing catchup & there’s NOTHING revolutionary about them

  5. Lots of Apple fanboi’s. Lining. Up to trade up for an extra Inch of hardware….hope their girlfriends don’t do the same!!

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