Oborain: Pre-Fab Outdoor Shower

Waiting for rain, stripping naked, then lugging your Pantene Pro V out into the middle of the street is a pretty cumbersome way to shower outdoors. Simplify the process with the Oborain, a modern pre-fab outdoor shower. And don’t be put off by that “pre-fab” phrase–this thing is already fabulous. It takes just 30 minutes to set the Oborain up, giving you a private shower enclosure made from handcrafted sustainable hardwoods and stainless steel, with an Axor Citterio 3-jet showerhead.


  1. Hey Sam,
    Thanks for posting about our showers! We’re rapidly losing our shower-able weather out here, but perhaps you’re somewhere warmer. Anyway, love your site.
    All the best,
    Co-founder, Oborain

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