1800 Tequila Lucha Libre Series

Celebrate art and getting drunk with the Lucha Libre Series from 1800 Tequila. To celebrate lucadores (Mexican wrestlers), 1800 Tequila commissioned designs for their 1800 Silver bottles from six established artists in the fields of painting, toy designing, photography, illustrators and animators. Roll call! Yuko Shimizu, Gary Basemen, Leon ‘Tes One’ Bedore, Tristan Eaton, Alex Hank and Ray Smith contributed to the collection. Sorry Alex and Ray. Couldn’t find your websites. Report to the principal after class. If anybody knows their sites, tweet us @superherotights.

Only 1800 have been produced so better get one quick. On a side note, these designers series must be a new trend. Absolut SF just came out with their bottles. For an artist, it’s another medium, another audience. For brands, it’s exposure and  increased sales from perceived scarcity of limited editions. Is this what they call ‘synergy’?

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