Nike TW ’13 Review

I’m no Jack Palmer or Arnold Nicklaus, but I don’t mind swinging the old iron sometimes (if that’s a phrase). I also live behind a golf course, so, there’s that. When I received Nike’s new TW ’13s, I excitedly slapped them on my feet and walked them over to the greens for a test. Style-wise, Tiger’s new shoes sport a classic white with black trim motif (or choose black with grey trim), with a little bit of grey around the laces and down the side near the heel, and a tiny touch of Tiger red on the last ringlet. I think the white ones look pretty sharp. The black pair might be a little imposing for the country club.

Nike is touting the “medial forefoot for maintaining ground contact for optimal traction and controlled power through impact,” and I could certainly feel the shoes getting a grip as I let it rip. In fact when security asked me to leave because I hadn’t paid to play, I actually found it difficult to run away at full-speed. That said, if you intend to play legally on a course somewhere, I anticipate you’ll enjoy the rock-solid footing the TWs provide.

Keep in mind, these shoes run quite small, both in length and width. I often wear 10.5 shoes, and the 10.5 TW ’13s were more constricting than an angry boa. The 11.5 was a good fit, but still a little snug width-wise. The Free-Inspired outsole is meant to “mirror the natural motion of the foot, allowing freedom of movement releasing more power through the golf swing,” and while this is certainly a beefy shoe, I found them comfortable for an afternoon of walking on grass (and running through the woods to avoid security).

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