SE Haught Damascus Trapper Pocket Knife

Pocket knives. Good for peeling apples, camping and shanking. So, why not spend a little to buy something that’ll last a lifetime? The SE Haught Damascus Trapper Pocket Knife ($178) combines superior quality parts into one long-lasting pocket knife. Shrade makes the knife base and they’re made in the USA. Those are extra points right there. Both blades are High Carbon 440 Steel Damascus Blades.

Damascus blades have been ‘pattern welded’. The steel is highly pressed so that it bonds tighter, stays sharper and starts out sharper. Since the steel is pressed so tightly, more is needed to make the blades, resulting in a slightly higher price. You always get what you pay for though. Ken Haught crafts the handmade handles and none are alike. Considering the workmanship required of each SE Haught Damascus Trapper Pocket Knife, this could be the last pocket knife you purchase.

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