iPad Mini

The iPad Mini has been born–without any amniotic fluid, thankfully. Starting at $329 for the 16GB Wi-fi model, Apple’s newest tablet looks to straddle the fine size line between the iPod Touch and iPad with a 7.9-inch screen. At just 7.2-millimeters thick, the Mini is 23% than thinner than the (new) iPad. It weighs just 0.68 lbs, despite the aluminum bezel. The “wow factor” isn’t really there with the Mini’s 1024 x 768 screen resolution, but since it’s the same resolution as in the iPad 2, that should mean an easy transition for developers and their apps. It can be yours – sans icky goo – November 2. Preorders start this Friday 10/26.


  1. It was a timely-designed and contemporary gadget ever seen in our tech world.
    I fully expect that Samsung’ long -standing dominance in smart phone market and tablet market will be soon outdone by this i-pad mini following its product -launch on 23/10/12.
    Moreover, l personally support this move from Apple.

  2. I was looking forward for this since they introduced the ipad 3 (new ipad). It is a great handheld

  3. I will perfer a note 11 to the ipad mini because of the s-pen function

  4. It is a cool ipad and i like it so much

  5. It’s too big to be mini. Making it uncomfortable to hold with one hand.

  6. Not sure how much of a challenge the iPad mini is to Samsung: the one they should both fear is the Nexus 7!

  7. I would buy one for $600 any day.. and twice on Sunday.

  8. alabo nicole ambrose

    I’ve been waiting for a phone that will remove the dominance of samsung,nokia tried but not enough,thanks to ipad mini,though I can’t afford it but I love phones and do go on the net to check for recent phones.I love to have one but don’t know how


  10. Here we go again with Apples tricks and Apple enthusiast falling for them. Now wait a minute. You mean to tell me that Apple can come out with the same product, take away the retina display which was the only thing that made it different from the previous iPads and and people a buy it because it’s smaller? Wow… These must be the same people who bought the 5 and actually think it’s a different phone from the 4S. Say what you want about Samsung, but there products are forever changing and doing something new that the last installment can’t. They don’t brag about battery life, headphones and camera hublah because that’s the standard thing to upgrade at this point in the smart phone world. The 5 just got 4g and panoramic abilities. That’s something the Samsung has been doing for years now and they don’t mention it, they just put it on the phone because it’s no big deal! But Apple users get spoon fed so much that when Apple says were finally going to give you something new, which is already old tech that there going to charge you top dollar as if its ” new tech ” Apple heads jump for joy like theres been some type of cancer and AIDS break through. Look I love Apple products as much as the next man. There going to get your money at some point because they make amazing stuff. But at the same time I’m no dummy. I know when Ive seen a movie before. The iPad mini is no different than the hangover 2. It’s the same movie as the first one… If you want something new and refreshing then go with the note 2 and wait for the iPad 4 to come and see what they can do. Stop paying for the same thing over and over again. If you got the iPad 2 then you got the iPad mini already, just without the mini. If you don’t have an iPad then I would suggest you check one of them out because they are cool! Just don’t fall into Apples blood sucking formulas.

  11. I have a samsung note and it has a sim card slot so i can also use it as a phone and 3g internet anywhere. and the sd card slot is just common sense

  12. alabo nicole ambrose

    htc phones are great to use with all its’ flexibility but like all windows phones don’t have good battery life.I think there isn’t much innovation in battery life for smart phones.Mobile smart phones (android and windows) markers by my ranking will be the one with extra slim,crazy apps,fast browser,and battery life of 2days without generating much heat

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