Ceiling Bike Hoist and Mount

“On my old lady’s neck” is a terrible answer to the question “Where do you store your bicycle?,” but for too many escaped convicts, that’s the only solution. Space is at a premium; not only for the cons, but for everybody these days. The BA1 Bike Hoist ($90) from Floaterhoist solves your space issues and their girlfriend dilemmas by raising the bike up off the floor/jugular and up to the ceiling. Not only does it do so via a classic (and fun-to-say) rope and pulley system, but the video of the product in action is soundtracked by the Nutcracker Suite. Nothing to not like here, people.


  1. I really like this gadget! It can certainly help with tight space in your garage or basement for sure and the price is not bad either.

  2. I commend innovation, and appreciate people making products which satisfy a need as this one does. It clearly looks like it is meant for a higher ceiling than the one used for the example in the photo so people can walk on the surface beneath the bike. However, people with lower ceilings, or shed ceilings should consider using their own innovation by purchasing hooks at their local hardware store which screw into the studs so the bikes can be hung by the wheels. Total cost is about 5$.

  3. What’s wrong with a couple of nails in the wall?

  4. It all looked really good…until the seemed to leave out a step at the very end. Seems to me that once the bike wheels are (ingeniously) put on the hooks, the hooks should snap shut. What’s to prevent a serious jolt or some carrying a lamp (or, since I live in California, even a mild earthquake) dislodging the wheels? The auto lock wouldn’t keep it on those hooks (why do they only show the lock function when the hoist is empty?). Also, disappointing finale when the ropes just get tossed onto the wheel, wouldn’t be that hard to figure out a more elegant resolution. But these are typical first gen issues, so expect the will be resolved.

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