SeriousMilk Chocolate By TCHO

Satisfy your sweet tooth and your conscience with SeriousMilk chocolate by TCHO. TCHO, a socially conscience chocolate manufacturer, has scoured Ecuador and Peru for the best cacao beans. You need milk for milk chocolate, and genetics and terroir impacts milk’s flavor. To produce the highest quality of chocolate, TCHO found locally raised cows, free to graze year round in open pastures untouched by harmful, synthetic chemicals.

SeriousMilk comes in two flavors: cacao and classic. With cacao, you get a flavor in between dark and milk chocolate with “subtle cream and warm caramel notes”. Choose classic for a smooth, creamy chocolate with “hints of butterscotch, honey and vanilla”. Sample packs are available for $11 here.

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  1. We love TCHO. What’s “so freaking cool” too is their unique approach to chocolate. They put all emphasis on flavor profile (citrusy, nutty…) rather than cocoa percentage. Who can the difference between 60% and 65% after all?

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