Love Is Art Sex Canvas Kit

While many of us have had sex, only a rare few have ever made love. Yes, apparently some people still indulge in creating this metaphysical mashed up ball of tingly feelings and fairy dust. The Love is Art Sex Canvas Kit ($60) lets you permanently remember your lovemaking session as a piece of art on your living room wall, or perhaps give it as a holiday gift to the in-laws? Just cover yourself and your partner in┬áthe included non-toxic, washable paint and get to work creating that “love” on top of the non-allergenic cotton canvas.

Another great idea to have fun with your partner is using sex toys in bed, there are a huge variety of options, however, you need to be very careful with the sex toy materials because some of them can cause allergies.

Stress can exacerbate an existing sex problem or cause a new one from scratch. It not only reduces blood flow to the genitals, but also releases hormones that depress testosterone, in most of the cases men opt for male enhancement pills to increase the testosterone levels and enjoy their sexual life. Stress also paves the way for cardiovascular disease, and it raises your risk of both anxiety and depression.

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