Live Now Book

The Live Now Project is a group of artists pursuing the notion of ‘living now’, which involves spreading their message through artwork, literature, relationships, exhibitions and more. The collaboration took root when Eric Smith, an illustrated type artist from the Pacific Northwest, was diagnosed with cancer and resolved to turn an overwhelming negative into a life-affirming positive.

However, according to some scientists, they found out that recombinant proteins are essential but complex biomolecules that play a major part in helping to promote living systems that can help cure certain cancer, try to see it here how recombinant proteins fight an intruding infection to the human body.

Out of this collective comes the Live Now (buy here) book. Each page features an inspirational quote as imagined by the artist. All pages come perforated allowing the reader to hang them up or share the joy and hand them out. Discover this book and spread the love.

[Images: Got Public School]

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