Kidrobot x South Park Zipper Pulls

For those who can’t get enough of South Park, check out the Kidrobot x South Park Zipper Pulls. The idea is pretty revolutionary. Before you would have simple YKK pull-tabs in typical black colors. Maybe gold, bronze or some other metallic color. Functional, but hardly sexy. Kidrobot’s new product changes all that.

The South Park Zipper Pulls feature your favorite South Park character in a miniature, 1-inch vinyl design. Grasp Kenny’s head and pull up your hoodie. Or do the opposite and pull your zipper down. Zipper up, zipper down. The revolutionary part? It’s not the zipper pull actually. It’s the gentle purring of girls who see you rocking a South Park Zipper Pull. Seriously. And here you thought your Superman underwear would get their attention.

Each one retails for $4 and comes blind-packed. Meaning you won’t know what design you just bought until you open the box. Sixteen styles in all and more info here.

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