Trapster 3.0 for Android

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?? Well, they won’t. Not with the Trapster 3.0 App for your Android phone. With this app, user-submitted speed traps help you avoid those pesky little fines and allow you to break the speed limit to your heart’s desire. With the current release, its newest feature displays a speedometer that compares your speed to the posted speed limit. When you hit 5 mph over the speed limit, a red warning goes off and your mother’s voice starts nagging you for being so reckless. Aww, mom! I’m a big boy now..Just stop! You never let me do what I want!!

The irony is that you’ll be paying more attention to this app to avoid speeding tickets, and less attention to the road avoiding traffic collisions. It’s worth right it? After all, are there any studies that actually show using your phone while driving causes more accidents? *snickers*

The app is free in the Android market. Check out Trapster here and watch a quaint, animated video on its features here. Below, a video of an Asian baby falling sleep AND eating at the same time. Why? Well, why not??

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