The Orbit Turntable: Wax That

Another reason not to ditch vinyl? Wax. The word “wax.” It’s some pretty spectacular vernacular, and if society ever gave up on records altogether, DJs would have to say things like “Aiight chall, we gon’ keep this party jumpin’! I got a fat stack of… um… digital MP3s that’ll keep you on the dance floor!” See? Doesn’t work. Keep vinyl alive and play it on the Orbit ($150), an all-analog turntable that promises a rich full sound. This thing is aimed at audiophiles. Know how we can tell? Because it features a bunch of stuff that sounds very convincing, including a unipivot tonearm, Ortofon MM cartridge, AC synchronous motor, and CNC-machined MDF plinth. A plinth for god’s sake!

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