Aston Martin Centenary Vanquish: A Willard Scott Shout-Out!

For most people, the highlight of turning 100 is the mandatory (it’s actually federal law) birthday shout-out from NBC’s Willard Scott. But is that good enough for Aston Martin? Nuh uh. The British automaker is marking its 100th anniversary with a special edition version of the Vanquish. Just 100 Centenary Edition models will be built (as well as 100 V8 Vantages, DB9s, and Rapides), with each one getting a graduated paint finish, sterling silver badges, Deep Soft leather, and sterling silver sill plates showing the car’s individual number. Buyers will also get rewarded with a package of perks including two glass keys, silver cuff links, Bang & Olufsen headphones, and more. But the question remains: Does it beat getting your face on a fake bottle of Smucker’s?

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