Mega: Online Storage That Messes With The Man

A year ago, file-storage site MegaUpload was shut down by U.S. law enforcement officials in the name of piracy. Now, founder Kim DotCom is ready to stick it to the Man with his new place for you to stick your stuff, Mega. Mega users will start off with 50GB of free encrypted storage, and there are three pricing plans if you’re looking for more space and bandwidth beyond that. Of course if you really wanna flaunt your rebellious nature to the Man, go ahead and can upload some jaywalking photos.

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  1. After reading about Mega I decided to give it a try but straight away I was bitterly let down. Several attempts later I managed to set up a free account and had to wait several hours before I received a confirmation email. After confirming my email I thought great I can now try it out … I haven’t once been able to upload a single file and the status bar tells me time remaining = infinity! I’ve emailed their so called support but so far no reply. Perhaps they should change the name to MEGACRAP!

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