Dualit NewGen Toaster

There are toasters and then there are TOASTERS. Dualit’s New Generation Toaster belongs in the all caps category. Its form and function make a serious statement. Handmade in the UK, the Dualit Toasters have been around since the 1950s. They’ve been known to last years and years, and then some more. Built for commercial use, they can make at least 80 pieces of toast per hour. Great news if you’re making toast for the frat brothers or roommates. Or if you really, really like toast.

You have multiple controls, giving you plenty of options like heating or warming both sides or just 1 side of the toast, both slots in the toaster or just one. The manually operated eject lever lets you pop that toast up when YOU are ready, keeping your toast nice and warm for the drive to work. There are also extra-wide 28mm slots that let you cook bagels or buns. Optional accessories include a sandwich rack for perfectly cooked grilled cheese sandwiches or toasted turkey breast and swiss sandwiches. Be prepared to pay for quality as the 2 slice toaster goes for $260 and the 4 slice goes for $340.

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