Ferrari LaFerrari: 950 Horses Ready To Peel Your Skin Off

Just one day after we highlighted Lamborghini’s new speed demon, Ferrari has answered the call with its own stunner, LaFerrari. OK so the name doesn’t exactly send shivers down your spine (it translates to “The Ferrari”), but the specs will knock you on your buttocks: 950, yes, 950 horsepower. The 6.3-liter V12 blasts off to 60 in less than three seconds and reaches a top speed of 205 mph. Oh, it’s also a hybrid. 161 horses actually come from the 132-pound lithium-ion battery pack that rests behind the passenger compartment. Generous carbon fiber coating keeps the weight down to just 2,800 lbs, which is just 12 pounds heavier than Adele.

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