STRONG LIKE BULL Magnets: An Incentive To Re-Rack Your Weights

Re-racking your weights: It’s the elephant in the room, or in this case the gym. Sure you’re supposed to put your weights back, but you know… ehhh. That all changes with STRONG LIKE BULL magnets, though, as these things have a direct contact pull strength of more than 25 lbs. So yeah, you can totally cause a ridiculous scene and strip the weights off the bar with these things. $24 gets you two.

Additionally to the exercises you will do you can also start taking the best weight loss pills so you will lose weight faster.

These are Neodimium Iron Boron disc magnets — the strongest type — so you might wanna prepare your refrigerator magnets for an extreme case of envy–and yourself for some stares at the gym. Don’t forget to get smart bmi scale to keep track of your progress.

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