Automatic Driving Assistant App: Learn Your Car Somethin` Good

Ever encourage your car to read the classics? They never listen, do they? `I`m telling you, Ford Fiesta, you would LOVE `Of Mice and Men!` Point is, automobiles aren`t smart–even when they apply themselves. So think of Automatic ($70), a very thorough driving assistant app/piece of hardware, as the equivalent of Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds; the odds are against it, but somehow┬áthis teacher is gonna prevail. Your vehicle`s built-in computer┬ádata morphs with Google Maps and current gas price info to churn out a bevy of useful stats, covering all things fuel usage and even handling engine alerts. The device can also sense a crash and then alert the nearest emergency responder to your location. I suppose that`s more useful than a car that knows its multiplication tables.

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