AeroSystem One: iPod & iPhone Dock Speaker

Yes, we love our music. But when you lay down that Barry White track or the newest Sade for your special someone, do you want them staring at a large, plastic black box? No. That’s why you need an elegant centerpiece like the AeroSystem One by Jarre.

This gadget plays any generation iPod or iPhone, any style from Touch to Nano to Classic, including your iPhone 3G or 4. Not only that, you can hook up your computer, turntable, laptop, etc. to it and enjoy great sound. Girls need all 5 senses stimulated. The AeroSystem One won’t feed them strawberries, scratch their back or smell like flowers. It WILL soothe their eardrums though. And they’ll also be enticed staring at the long, thick silver and white AeroSystem One. Open up your wallets, it sells for $1295. But that’s a small price to pay for the ladies.

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