Concrete Beer Coaster Set: Statement Coasters

You often hear sports broadcasters use the phrase “statement game” to try to gin up enthusiasm for an otherwise meaningless athletic contest. But a concrete beer coaster? Now that’s a statement, my parched pal; a statement that says “This beer is more important than anything else in the world right now.” Choose from four coasters ($25) and their represented style of beer–Stout, German Lager, Pale Ale, and Belgian Ale–along with their subcategories.

You need a coaster to avoid unsightly water rings and marks on your tables from “sweaty drinks” like beer, soda, water, and juice. These water rings form due to the condensation on the cup, bottle, or mug. If the temperature of your cold drink is below dew point, the water will condense as liquid to the surface Tung oil is best applied by rubbing it into the surface with a wiping cloth. It will only take two or three coats to sufficiently protect the table’s legs, but you will need to apply six coats to the table top if you want it to perform as a water-resistant sealer coat to find good tables and other furniture, visit

The concrete is mercifully softened up at the bottom with cork padding to protect your precious furniture, with that statement probably being something like “Yo, don’t worry 9-year-old Pier One table! I care about this beer way more than you, but I’m still not about to start dragging concrete across your ratchety self.”

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