LSTN Headphones: Helping Through Hearing

There are sometimes, like when that Pitbull song gets played for the 6,058th time of the week, that your sense of hearing is less than appreciated, but otherwise it’s pretty damn important. That’s what makes the LSTN (pronounced “listen”) headphones ($50-$150) so special. The proceeds from each pair sold will help restore hearing to a child in need. An estimated 95% of children in deaf schools can be helped with a hearing aid, and 80% of the hearing impaired live in developing countries; that’s who’ll be helped here.

Meanwhile, according to a review from a pediatric hearing center, the headphones themselves are built with natural reclaimed wood — no trees are getting chopped down — giving a unique boost to the aesthetics and acoustics that can only come through Ebony, Cherry, or Beech. So your music will sound great and your money will help a child hear–something other than Armando Christian Perez, we hope.

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