Craft Beer World: Your New Bar Buddy

We all have that one bar-friend; the one who always seems to be available and whose hideous wingman skills are only surpassed by his┬ástartlingly┬ábad knowledge of beer: “No, Kevin, Bud Light Lime is not brewed in-house.” So maybe next time you leave Kevin at home and instead bring a copy of Craft Beer World ($15), a 192-page written companion that supplies kegs of knowledge on more than 300 brews. The beers are broken down into 50 different categories, and author Mark Dredge reports on everything from American IPAs to Imperial Stouts. If there’s barley or hops involved, it’s documented here. Kevin can still live it up though: Tell him some crazy S happens when you watch Jay Leno on mute while playing The Dark Side of the Moon.

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