EMX Electric Motocross Bike: Get Dirty With Clean Energy

The off-road version of the all-electric EMX ($7,640) reaches speeds up to 50 mph, making it very tempting to ditch your car and take your ol’ lady on a cross-country trip. Unfortunately for her, she’ll have to sit on the handlebars. Crafted by a team of knowledgeable and passionate dudes in an Austrian garage (think I saw a Cinemax flick like the other night), the EMX also comes in a street-legal flavor that lets you do 16 mph while not having to fret with pedals, chains, or gears. All you need is the 1.5-kwh Panasonic lithium-ion battery pack and you’re ready to take your dame on one of the most precarious-yet-environmentally-sound journeys ever seen.

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